Will Wright on ‘Spore’


Electronic Arts’ Will Wright, creator of games like “SimCity” and “The Sims,” takes the stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday.

During his keynote, he wound his way through a high-concept talk on the science, fantasy and inspirational books and movies that led to the upcoming game “Spore.”

Wright talked about how game designers should choose where characters fall on many characteristics scales, including “cute” and “science.”

During his keyote address at the Game Developers Conference on Thursday, Wright said he had been influenced by years of science fiction comic books. Thus, he imagined what a “Spore” comic would look like.

A representation of a family of beasts from Electronic Arts’ forthcoming “Spore.” The game lets players start with a microscopic spore, growing it into a larger organism, which then spawns a colony of small creatures.

Wright showed slides during his keynote in San Jose Thursday March 23, including this one demonstrating what creatures from “Spore” might look like.


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