Top 10: Best Weapons In An FPS

Guns. Lots of Guns.

Weapons have always been a major part of most games to date, be they the run-of-the-mill set pieces we see in games nowadays, or truly unique pieces of art and craftsmanship that pop up once in a while. This list is made to commemorate those weapons that stand out amongst the rest; those that were just not incredibly effective at their roles, but incredibly memorable in their implementation, uniqueness or otherwise just being an absolute blast to play with.

CS AWP#10: The Artic Warfare Magnum / Artic Warfare Police (Counter Strike)

The AWP, as it’s most commonly known, is probably the most notable sniper rifle in existence, simply because of just how much it’s used in Counter Strike matches. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played Counter Strike yourself, but if you know a gamer, chances are you’ve heard of this weapon at least once. The sniper is, in essence, the holy grail of any Counter Strike player. Granting the ability to one (or at most two) shoot to kill anything, he who controls the AWP first controls the match – provided one can master its timing and limited ammo clip.Its sheer usefulness, capacity and fame have given the AWP the right to earn a place on this list – even if it’s just at #10.

Halo 3's Gravity Hammer#9: Gravity Hammer (Halo 3)

The Gravity Hammer is probably the second most fun melee weapon I’ve used to date. While it is generally agreed upon that its not too effective in Multiplayer combat, its use in the Single Player campaign was significant enough that it still gets into the list. The gravity hammer is…well, a giant hammer. Bigger than the Master Chief, all you need to do is get close to a target and WHAM! It’s dead! The hammer affects an area of effect around you, so you don’t even need to hit the target itself – just anywhere nearby.It’s an incredibly fun weapon to play around with in Single Player, especially against multiple opponents all gathered in the same spot. The most fun I had with this weapon was when implementing it against a horde of those buzzing insect things that fly around and are incredibly hard to hit. When they swarmed, I took the liberty to jump and hit the trigger, after which BOOM. Instant fly-swatter. The hammer literally gives new meaning to the words “they all fall down” and is the reason why it’s on this list (albeit, at #9).

F.E.A.R.'s Type 7#8: The Type 7 Disruptor (F.E.A.R.)

The Type 9 is probably one of the most fun weapons to use in all of F.E.A.R. Although it slows you down significantly, the weapon is almost dead-on accurate, hitting wherever you generally aim and point it. The recoil on the weapon isn’t much, allowing for one to snipe with ease, while the clip is generally large enough that you don’t need to worry about reloading all that often.The best part of this weapon (and the reason why it’s on this list) however, is its intended effect: leaving behind your opponents in nothing but charred, smoking skeletons as the smoke dissipates. The first time I saw this effect, I couldn’t help but go “WTF?! Wasn’t there a person there?” and experienced a fair bit of shock. After that though, it became a gleeful experience going around and sniping with the Type 9 – especially during online multiplayer matches in F.E.A.R. Combat, where the sniper proved itself more than capable at insta-gibbing unarmored foes.

Doom's Chainsaw#7: Doom Chainsaw (Doom 1)

CHAINSAW! Seriously, what more can you say about it?This thing was one of the bloodiest, goriest and most awesome weapons in its day. Sure, it may not have power or range, but who fucking needs range when you’re ripping out the guts of creature after creature, all the while laughing maniacally? This was one of the many memories of using the Doom 1 Chainsaw. No melee weapon since has come close to the gore, or indeed, the sheer amount of awesome with this. But use of it was still rather limited and when the later bosses could beat you at range, it took a back seat.But still, it’s awesome enough that it still outclasses its successors, especially the Gears of War Chainsaw Bayonet (which really just pales in comparison to the original), earning it the #7 position.

Duke Nukem's Shrink Ray#6: Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem 3D)

The Shrink Ray is something that is not just incredibly unique, but to date hasn’t really been duplicated in quite the same way. The original Shrink Ray would let you literally shrink a foe, making him into a bite-site morsel that could either (a) be blown the hell up or (b) stepped on and squished like a little bug. Alternatively, you could use the thing to shrink yourself, allowing you to reach places that were normally impossible to do so at your regular size – or if you were crazy enough, to fight against the (then) gigantic regular enemies.This unique effect has rarely been duplicated since; same for the ability to actually *squash* your opponents under your feet. The utter uniqueness of this weapon (and yes, it IS a weapon since you can use it to weaken/kill enemies) along with the fun one could have with it is what makes the Shrink Ray #6 on the list.

AVP's SmartGun#5: Smartgun (Alien Vs. Predator Series)

I remember the Smartgun incredibly fondly, but not because of how effective it was. No, I remember it with sweet memories because of how much it helped in the cold, dark and alien-infested corridors in the Alien vs Predator series. When your motion tracker started to beep with incoming hostiles and it was dark with the night-vision revealing absolutely little on where the opponents may be coming from, more than the Minigun and the rocket launcher, the Smart Gun was a God-send.Even when you couldn’t see a thing, the Smartgun could. It would nudge your aim in the right direction, locking onto the Xeno running in your direction before it even got into sight. This allowed you to take out those scumbags before they got close enough – and even if they did, a short burst of fire would outright kill all of them most of the time. Although ammo for the weapon was rare and it slowed you down a fair bit, in the frightening darkness of Alien vs Predator’s corridors, the Smartgun was the bright light that illuminated your way. Its helpful auto-aim even in the darkest abyss has saved many a Terran Marine’s life and thus earned it the position of #5.

Quake's BFG10k#4: The BFG10K (Quake II Edition)

The Big… er, Freakin’ Gun 10k! Despite being more of a direct homage to Doom 1’s BFG9K, it still makes it on this list simply for how awesome the weapon feels when you first fire it, or when you use it subsequently. Despite being identical in many visual effects to the BFG9000, the BFG10k is a significant improvement over its predecessor simply because of the charge-up time, its sound and the camera shake associated to it.No other weapon to date has given me that same feeling when I fire a gun – that sheer, drunk and euphoric feeling of power you get when the BFG10K is charging up. The sound effects, the camera shake – all of it gives this mental image in the scant second or two before it fires that the weapon you’re wielding is one motha-freakin’ big-ass gun that can blow the shit out anything in your way. And this image is no illusion, either. The green ball of death it lets loose is massive and literally clears an entire room of enemies from not just the impact radius, but the resultant beams as well.Although not as effective against the latter stage bosses, ammo for the BFG10K is in sufficient enough quantity that you can literally go on a rampage against anything lesser, and enjoy watching as you insta-gib them into tiny pieces of flesh. This is what awards it the #4 position.

Turok's Bow and Arrow#3: Bow & Arrow (Turok Series)

Whenever I think of fun weapons I’ve used, my mind always returns to this. I don’t know why, but for some reason the Bow & Arrow from Turok and Turok 2 are always somewhere in the top-most portions of my mind. The way it works had hardly ever been copied in any game since.The Bow and Arrow are most notable for just how the mechanism of Turok 2 works. Arrows act ‘real’ in the sense that they penetrate the surface and go all the way through the enemy, crippling them (they actually WALK like they have an arrow in their shoulder, for example), making the effect of display all the more real. The best part was that even if you missed, it didn’t matter – you could retrieve the arrows from walls or even the corpses of downed foes. This recoverable ammo, plus the ability to upgrade it to a sniper-bow (not to mention switching to explosive ammo later on) makes the bow a worthy choice for #3.

UT's Redeemer#2: Redeemer (Unreal Tournament series)

Portable nuclear warhead – that’s the mightiest weapon in the Unreal Tournament universe in a nutshell. The blast radius itself is usually so big that one could vaporize themselves if they aren’t careful. And then, there’s the camera guided missile view that, while exposing your body to danger, let’s you direct the nuke to any smart-ass camper wanting to play chicken. It’s most responsive on vehicles and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it’ll match up against the titanic Darkwalker in Unreal Tournament 3. Make no mistake though – shoot this even remotely close to your desired target of hate and they will die.

And the #1 Position Goes to…

Turok 2's Cerebral BoreThe Cerebral Bore (Turok 2)

The Cerebral Bore has been described as “One of the grossest weapons ever!”, and from just seeing it in action many would be tempted to agree. However, no other game has any similar kind of weapon – nobody has dared to go this sublimely freaky.You operate the Cerebral Bore mostly by simply pointing at an opponent and firing. A bore then attaches to the opponent’s head and starts to suck out their brains. Watching the creature then stagger as it’s being attacked is both incredibly horrifying as well as disgusting, especially when after all the blood/bwainz/ooze is gone, the thing explodes, killing the opponent. There’s no other weapon out there that quite gives you that same feeling of both not wanting to use something so ghastly and unquestionably cruel, yet at the same time makes you to want to utilize it because it’s just so bloody effective in all the best ways (i.e. its not dead until its DEAD)!This combination of disgust yet sheer uniqueness happily earns the Cerebral Bore the #1 position. There are really very rare few weapons out there that can top this – and those that do, I either don’t know about or are too obscure to matter.


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