Girls Prefer 2D Games To 3D Games


Via former Kotaku Guest Editor (and current beard-owner) Ian Bogost comes news of a study performed by the Georgia Institute of Technology, aimed at studying “2D vs 3D game preference in boys and girls ages 13 and 14”. Subjects were given a choice of games on an N64 emulator screen: 70% of girls tested preferred 2D games, while 70% of boys opted for 3D games. Why?

Results indicate that 2D electronic games are easier than 3D electronic games for both females and males, and the majority of females would rather play games that are “easy” while the majority of males would rather play games that are “challenging”. Females tended not to like the confusion in the 3D video games, whether it was unclear directions, objectives, camera perspectives, or not knowing how to control the character. Females may also prefer games that have dreamlike graphics to games with realistic graphics. Results also point toward a steeper learning curve for females when playing a 3D game than a 2D game.


1 Response to “Girls Prefer 2D Games To 3D Games”

  1. 1 pippen
    October 9, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    2D games may be “easier” but its alot better to play 3D games as you get more of a feel to it :l

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