Sprite Builder

Sprite Builder is used to combine separate images (prepared in any other graphical editor)  into one sprite. This program has been developed  particularly for animators who create animation  for games and other projects.

A sprite is a picture which contains all frames of the animation  placed one after another from left to right.   On reaching the maximum column number,   other frames will be added on the next line,  until upper limit of lines is reached.  The line height and measure correspond to the height and measure of the biggest frame.

Program features:

  • Viewing frames and basic editing operations;
  • Saving all settings in the form of a project;
  • Keeping the list of last opened projects;
  • Adding image files to already open frames;
  • Scaling all windows – frame, sprite, animation preview;
  • Scaling images in all windows;
  • Full-features player – standard buttons:
    Play, Stop, Step Forward, Step Back,
    Rewind To The Beginning,
    Forward To The End and the slider for navigating animation;
  • Enabling/disabling animation loop.;
  • Two loop types. The first one is classic when
    the animation is played to the end and starts again.
    The second type is “ping-pong” when animation is played forward and backward;
  • Selecting which of the open files are included into the sprite and which are not;
  • Simple sprite editor;
  • Supporting the BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF formats

for More info http://www.spritebuilder.com


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