Highlander: The Game

When I first saw these screens for the new Highlander game, they literally made me weak in the knees. Not only does it look like it will be nice and bloody, but the graphics look pretty damn sweet too. Although I personally wish they had sent more than just five screens, I am just excited Eidos sent them. I know I should really calm down, because last time I was this giddy about a forthcoming game based on one of my favorite characters, it dashed my hopes, smashed my heart to pieces, and literally made me so angry I thought I might get an embolism.

Highlander: The Game enables gamers to exploit the powers of immortality and manipulate situations that death would normally prevent in order to combat the forces of evil. MacLeod can use his body as a conduit for electricity or fire, impale himself with enemy weapons to disarm them, and survive long falls from buildings to escape enemy attacks. Gamers can also master a variety of Highlander swords including the Claymore, Katana, and Twin Gladius.


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