Pro Cycling Manager Season 2008 / Tour de France

In the PC version, you’ll play as the general manager of one of 65 official cycling teams and will handle all aspects of a professional team’s season. Numerous duties, including team recruiting, transfers, contracts, training and handling finances are required for you to create and manage the most competitive team. Throughout the 180 real-time 3D playable races, it’s up to you to determine and put into action the best strategies by combining tactics, attacks, relays and much more. With so many options to consider that will affect the outcome of the race, you are guaranteed action packed intense stages.

The management side of the game has been given extra depth with many new elements. It has an entirely new stamina system, a more realistic progression curve for each rider and a new young talent recruiting system with a more aggressive AI.

This year, the racing is even more realistic, with the most advanced rider AI yet plus highly detailed rider models and animations. The 2008 edition also includes a new improved user interface, lighting system and more detailed, richer environments with a large variety of buildings and landscapes. For the first time in the series, impressive “track racing” events are available. Choose track events such as cycle speedway, Kierin and elimination to challenge your team’s track racing skills. All of these features combined make this new edition the most complete and exciting recreation of professional cycling.

Become the general manager for one of the 65 official cycling teams and handle all aspects of a professional team’s season. Choose the team, search for new talent, take charge of races, organise contracts and training schedules and even look after the finances. All these duties will let you experience a captivating season.

During the 180 real-time 3D playable races, including the most famous Tour de France 2008 which is perfectly rendered, it is up to you to determine the best strategies by combining tactics such as attacks, supplying, relays, leader protection, etc. There is a wide variety of race commands and actions that put you in total control during intense stages.

The 2008 edition features improved racing graphics, a new lighting system, more detailed backgrounds and incredibly realistic rider models and animations. The management aspect also offers more depth and realism due to the new tools and systems available. Plus, for the first time, you can now compete in professional track cycling.

The new features combined with the already outstanding gameplay of the Cycling Manager series ensure that this is the best experience of the professional cycling world ever!

Key features:

– Participate in the biggest international competitions. A total of 180 races are playable in real time (Tours or Traditional).

– Manage the most famous professional teams. Choose from a total of 65 official teams and 1.600 cyclists.

– Participate for the first time in impressive track cycling events. Cycle speedway, Keirin and Elimination events will let you experience the intensity of pro cycling.

– Become the greatest cyclist manager! Gain experience in managing competitions, making contracts, trainings, recruitment, etc. and lead your team to the summit.

– Includes a race editor to create and share your own 3D stages and a characteristics editor to customize your team.

– Play in single and/or multi-player mode (allows up to 20 players over the Internet or via LAN).


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