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James Cameron’s Avatar Game Coming this December


James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is an upcoming video game adaptation of James Cameron’s film of the same name. The title is being developed by Ubisoft. It was announced by Ubisoft that it will be using the same technology as the film to be displayed in 3D.

The videogame is set on Pandora, an alien planet featured in the motion picture. The game includes the Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover other life forms.

On July 24 2007, it was announced that Ubisoft would be developing Avatar: The Game in conjunction with director James Cameron as he films Avatar. According to director James Cameron, “For the movie ‘Avatar’ we are creating a world rich in character, detail, conflict and cultural depth. It has the raw material for a game that the more demanding gamers of today will want to get their hands on – one that is rich in visuals and ideas, and challenging in play. I told the Ubisoft team I wanted them to be free to do their very best work, and not think of this as a movie-based game. They responded with a fully realized presentation which captured the soul of the world and the characters, while promising to be a knockout game on its own terms. Their passion inspired my confidence that they are going to do something transcendental.” Continue reading ‘James Cameron’s Avatar Game Coming this December’


Kung Fu Panda

Publisher: Activision Inc.

Developer: Beenox

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer – 06/03/2008

Also available on:

  • 360
  • MB
  • NDS
  • PS2
  • PS3
  • WII

Kung Fu Panda The Game

Kung Fu Panda offers a distinct and exciting gameplay experience as players develop acrobatic kung fu combo attacks to defeat a number of villainous enemies, including the Great Gorilla, the Wu Sisters and the dark-hearted Tai Lung. Gamers will work to overcome dangerous obstacles and solve challenging puzzles as they navigate through diverse environments spanning air, water and land. By mastering the art of kung fu, players will utilize and upgrade the unique fighting skills of their favorite movie characters, unlocking new moves as well as a host of multiplayer characters and games. Additionally, players can team up or battle head-to-head in arena, puzzle or casual games, making the Kung Fu Panda video game an epic experience gamers of all ages will enjoy.

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The Incredible Hulk

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Edge of Realty

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer – 06/05/2008

Official Game Website

One of Marvel’s most powerful Super Heroes unleashes epic destruction in Marvel Studios’ blockbuster movie, The Incredible Hulk. Along with the film, SEGA releases an intensely realistic third-person action video game.

Fueled with fury, SEGA’s The Incredible Hulk features key moments from the film, as well as additional plotlines and characters from the character’s rich comic-book universe. Players smash through New York City, battling gigantic enemies amidst soaring skyscrapers in a massive open world.

As one of the most anticipated entertainment events of 2008, The Incredible Hulk will have fans lining up this summer on both the big and small screens.

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Why Grand Theft Auto IV Isn’t a 10

We’ve all been watching the hoopla surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV this week. Heck, you can’t avoid watching it. It’s everywhere.

Like most of you, I made my way over to a local retailer Tuesday and picked up my copy. I brought it home, sat through the 4GB install on my PS3, and then leapt in. Judging from the perfect scores that have been thrown at this game like panties at a Wayne Newton concert, I expected to be completely blown away.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t. In fact, I was amazed how much like the previous editions of GTA it was. Now, I’m not one for messing up a

good thing. The truth is that I like GTA IV, just as I’ve enjoyed previous iterations of the series. The problem is that it’s receiving perfect scores for a less than perfect game.

Grand Theft Auto IV is basically GTA III with a new character, a lot more voice acting, and an a

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GTA IV Intro Leaked

Many people have been waiting to see this and I will let you know that we got it and don’t care about what anyone eles has to say about it .You can see in this “Video” the upcoming GTA goodness of the intro in this well needed game coming very soon to you.


AI bug

list of AI bugs:

CoH Squad AI Bug

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Web Games-2D Action Games NAM

“ZipGames” wants to tell us the story of a great warrior of the past, ancient times.

He had a close friend and companion in those dark and terrible days that lay ahead: “Oki” the dwarf.

In a time where there is no time, in a place which is not a place, I “Oky” write.`

Of a once great warrior who saved a kingdom that is not a kingdom in a past which is not the past, or the future, but forever.

Because legends are eternal. And so is the legend of “Nam”